We Don’t Know What to Title This Lot; You’ve Got to See it for Yourself! [SOLD]

What in the heck goes on in the minds of young girls? They always blame the boys for being the “dirty” ones, but sweet & innocent LOOKING Eddi Rue McClanahan sure had a vivid imagination at a young age – and she used to insist she was “nothing like Blanche!” This lot includes two handwritten sheets of matching blue paper from the 1940s. First, we are including a damaged letter which is signed by Rue; this is part of the package just to show her handwriting and tie it to her signature. Second, we have a two-sided document with “13 Rules for Kissing” on one side and a short story entitled “The First Time” on the other. With respect to the “Rules,” we particularly love rule #12 – “Repeat if the girl can take it.” Although Rue attributed this list of rules to “Butler” – who was her boyfriend from the time she was eight until she was 14; she writes about him in her memoir – when you compare the handwriting, you see this was CLEARLY written by Rue. We’ve posted a picture of Benny Frank Butler from 1946 with his horse, which Rue wrote about riding upon with him, and the thrill of having her hands on Ben’s waist. But that isn’t all Rue wrote about. The short story, again, clearly written by Rue and entitled “The First Time” is a real zinger! We don’t know how to describe this, so we won’t; except we will encourage you to keep an open mind and not to make any assumptions – Rue was a young comedian, not a pornographer! These two original documents come with prints of all the photos shown and two separate Certificates of Authenticity.


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