At the time of her death, Rue McClanahan was working on a musical adaptation of her memoir “My First Five Husbands…And the Ones Who Got Away.” Her production team had been capturing footage of the development process for inclusion on a DVD of the final show. That footage – over 150 hours – is currently being edited with archival footage from Rue’s collection to create a documentary film about her interesting life and amazing career. Below are links to various clips from the show. Please submit your email so Estate of Rue can notify you when the film is ready for release.

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1. Rue sings the opening number – “I Do.”

Rue loved the idea of being in love, and never gave up on the fantasy of it happening. She entered each of her six marriages with the fervent belief that, this time, it was going to last forever. The reality of marriage was never able to match her fantasy, and so she let go of the reality, again, and again, and again… However, she hung on to hope, and had her eye on number 7 when she died. As she said, “Everyone knows 7 is a lucky number.”

2. Rue screws with Michael by pretending she doesn’t remember the night the idea for her show popped up.

3. Rue sings about her fifth husband’s penis.

4. Rue and Rosie O’Donnell talking about Cyndi Lauper in the green room.

5. Betty White thanks Rue’s fans on “The Official Rue McClanahan memorial Facebook Page.”

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