Rue’s Closet

Rue's Red Velvet Lounging Pajamas [On Hold]

These red velvet lounging pajamas are over-the-top! How glamorous can anyone be? It is almost required that one walks around carrying a martini in an up glass when you wear something like this! We suspect Rue wore these in a theatrical production because the draw string was pulled out and an...

Rue's Zebra Shirt [On Hold]

We have no idea who “Jess & Jane” are – the makers of this shirt of Rue’s – but we do know we would love them. How could you not love people who do a crystal studded shirt that honors zebras? Rue’s shirt comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from...

Rue's Girl on a Bench T-Shirt [On Hold]

This casual 3/4-sleeve T-shirt of Rue’s was probably from some professional gig because the tag was cut out and there were half a dozen sequins hand sewn on the front. Usually Rue or a costumer on set would do something like that to make sure the tag didn’t stick out after a quick...

Rue's Leopard Lined Hoodie [On Hold]

Didn’t you kind of expect that Rue would have a leopard lined hoodie in her closet? The piece is an “XL” and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$225 NOW $112.50

Rue's Liz Claiborne Long-Billed Cap [On Hold]

Rue truly regretted all the sun damage she inflicted on her skin when she was a girl and young lady, and so she made certain to protect herself from the harmful rays of the sun as she aged. This Liz Claiborne cap was one of her protection tools because it has a super long bill. It had the...

Rue's "Magnolia" Tunic [On Hold]

Here is another piece Rue owned that was made by her dear friend Grace Martin. Rue had to alter the piece slightly by sewing the center, cleavage-closing fabric into the bodice after a wardrobe malfunction left her…ahem….exposed. The silk is gorgeous. The piece is kind of a...

Rue's Black And Gold Caftan [On Hold]

Oh, please don’t think that Rue McClanahan suffered from dandruff when you look at the shoulders of her black caftan, because it is absolutely not true, those white specks are actually plaster dust. You see, since we had already rented the space for Rue’s café, and since they ...

Rue's Ferragamo Slingbacks [On Hold]

This pair of Italian leather slingbacks were made by the gifted shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo. Rue’s Ferragamo’s are size 8, they are in excellent condition, and they come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$225 NOW $112.50

Rue's Foldable Sun Hat [On Hold]

Isn’t this fun? What a great design. This full sized sun hat of Rue’s folds down to this flat little contraption that you can stick into a bag or your pocket, or you can use the chin strap to carry it around your wrist. Rue’s collapsible sun hat comes with a Certificate of...

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