The Golden Girls Years

The PENULTIMATE* Robe from "The Golden Girls"

After two auctions – one in Beverly Hills and one in Manhattan – and two plus years posting items on Estate of Rue, we are down to the last (oops, second to last) of Rue’s robes from “The Golden Girls.” So, unless more turn up in a box we haven’t yet opened,...

Rue Original Photograph From Royal Command Performance

Rue and the other “girls” were flown over to England and did a sketch from “The Golden Girls” in a command performance at the Royal Albert Hall – they performed a scene around the kitchen table eating some cheesecake, naturally. Apparently, the Queen Mother was a...

Two Portraits From Night Estelle Won Emmy

Here are two original Eddie Garcia photographs from the night Estelle Getty won her Emmy for “The Golden Girls.” Estelle was the last one of “the girls” to win and Rue was absolutely thrilled that it finally happened. The gentleman in the photos is Herb Edelman, the man...

Rue's Flowing Silk Top From.... (HOLD - Fan spotted it, and we might have ENTIRE outfit!)

We do have the entire outfit! Now we’ll have to re-shoot and post again. Consider this a coming attraction.

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